The Worker's Song
We live in a land of poetry:
Poems and songs, Tang poems and Song poems and yuan songs,
Nourish our rich spiritual realm.
Spring sorrow autumn sorrow that is the song and dance of literati.
Today, we sing the hymn of the working man of a new age.
We are in all walks of life
But there is a common pursuit - love post, loyal duty!
Process design, bold and careful, increase production and efficiency, bold and bold
I cleaned the car and lay down covered in grease
Carry a flashlight and make sure there are no dead spots or omissions
TS, M, the spirit of craftsman,
Encounter difficulties and bottlenecks, we live in the same room, brainstorming for a solution to the breach!
Ordinary post to do enviable pacesetter expert.
Ah, every inexplicable phenomenon
Can be an entry point to quality improvement.
Every achievement without exception gathers the wisdom and sweat of the workers
Every puzzle ends in a labyrinth.
Labor, creation, progress -- no end!
Truth-seeking, pragmatic and exploratory -- to the letter!
On their quest, they suffered setbacks and stumbled
But they put the responsibility on their shoulders.
They are good at summarizing and daring to challenge critical points
It is worthy of being the model of Simian people.
Let the ball crane brand spread to thousands of families
Let centennial Foundation stand out in the industry
This is the unremitting pursuit of simian workers
The fiery May is the season of high energy and endeavor
On such a holiday
I will write a hymn to the labouring man
Praise the labourer's sweat is watering the happy flower!
Praise those ordinary figure shining charming luster!
Spring Festival