Spring Festival
Such an ancient festival.
It's always written in couplets and written in the Chinese character fu,
Jubilant hanging paste;
Or made into delicious dumplings,
With firecrackers filling the night sky,
To boil in folk boiling water;
Or playing the suona,
A few rich tunes of the country;
Or dance with red silk,
Twist kanto full of yangko flavor;
Or beat the gongs and drums
Lion dance on stilts...
People like to advertise happiness during Spring Festival
And everywhere,
Selling good wishes,
Spread precious joy.
Spring Festival is also haunted thoughts,
Missing is closely related.
In a hurry,
The figure on the shoulder,
On the way home.
The longing for affection stirs up waves,
Tears of joy offset the sadness of running.
The excitement of reunion was red through a string of thoughts,
There is a bright red sun in the blue sky.
The dark days contain the spring breeze of the pavement
Let the waking life fly free.
Let's light the red candle,
Perhaps shed a few drops of color tears.
Then will be sweet, bitter all
Put it in a cup and hold it over your head.
With the old days, cheers!
With a brand new future, cheers!